Donate Meals

Thank You!!

We are excited to work with you on this project we are calling the Pandemic Pasta Project                        ( #pandemicpastaproject )

You can donate a specific amount of money OR buy a 6 pack of meals for just 39.99 that will be added to others purchases or that can be delivered to specific place or person you choose. The meals for general donation are pasta meals such as spaghetti and meatballs, Beefy Ziti Marinara or Chicken Alfredo. You can make more specific choices based on availability if you would like to buy a six pack for a specific person or place.

We will call you after you complete the information here to certify your request and take payment.



The charge for each meal is $6.50. including delivery. Any donations that are not meal pack purchases will be bundled together to create meal packs for people that have requested assi

Donate Meals 
Thank You for letting us help you, help others. We will contact you for your payment information and to certify your donation.

We have your information and will contacting you shortly