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Are you ready for the Fast-Casual Revolution in Senior Dining?

We are!


Welcome to Shade Tree Kitchens, innovators of food delivery systems that work.

Imagine your community dining room offering a menu with over twenty customizable choices, each meal, every day. Menus that change monthly, reflect trends in the marketplace and offer locally sourced, healthy ingredients. Now think of the market advantage such an operation would leverage for your community. How would this revolutionize your community?

The market is changing. You can be at the front of this change and leverage a huge market advantage in an area that is arguably the most important item on your resident’s mind day in and day out. If you are ready for excellence, then you are ready for the Shade Tree Kitchens Senior Dining Management program.


Shade Tree Kitchens Senior Dining Programs will…

  • Boost occupancy

  • Build YOUR brand

  • Improve resident acquisition, retention and satisfaction

  • Control costs

  • Improve clinical nutrition

  • Guarantee regulatory compliance

  • Provide improved, fast casual and traditional dining experiences

  • Provide Certified Customer Service Specialists

  • Greatly expand menu choices

  • Become your strategic partner for acquiring new residents and resident retention


Shade Tree Kitchens is your solution to compete in a changing environment.

Are you ready to improve how you operate your foodservices?

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