The Best Summer Mocktails

When the weather starts warming up and parties begin to happen, having a menu on non-alcoholic drinks is essential! Whether you are new to the mocktail scene or you simply are looking for ways to improve the flavor of your juice or water, continue reading this month’s blog to learn the best summer mocktails recipes!


One of the best ingredients to have around during the summer is something citrus. You can use the peel to create a fancy topper or decoration and then squeeze the juice to give your drink flavor. Adding some citrus to your water can help motivate you to stay hydrated while also giving you the added health benefits of citrus. If you’re looking to make your citrus water even more fancy, add some juice, sugar and club soda to your citrus juice!

Another great drink to make during the warm months of summer is whipped lemonade. Lemonde is a classic, but adding some ice and whipping it up in a blender can take it to the next level. It will feel like you are on vacation and enjoying a desert instead of simply staying hydrated with lemonade!

Another great way to stay hydrated with a mocktail is by adding slices of fruit to your water and allowing it to sit. When you add cucumber, mint, strawberries, lemon, and other flavorful fruits, you are essentially creating a hydrating detox. You are staying hydrated with the water while also getting the health benefits from the added pieces of fruit. The flavor will be amazing and you will see the benefits after!


Having a menu ready for those who are interested in a hydrating mocktail during the warm summer months is a must! For any additional professional mocktail ideas, be sure to head on down to Tracy’s Bar & Grill!