The Best Commercial Ice Makers Machine 2023

This part is the quick summary of the 10 best commercial ice makers. You should use this comparison chart to compare the ice production rate, storage bin, or the types of products as not all commercial ice makers are made the same.

Best Commercial Ice Makers 2023

1. Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker

EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine, 100lbs/24H Stainless Steel Under Counter ice Machine with 33lbs Ice Storage Capacity, Freestanding Ice Maker.

Euhomy commercial ice maker is reliable and versatile, so it is a top choice for home, office, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, etc. The self-contained ice maker can produce up to 100 pounds of ice per day, and the storage capacity is 33 pounds.

One plus point of the Euhomy commercial ice maker is the automatic overflow prevention. The machine will automatically stop when it is full. With an intuitive LCD control panel, this product delivers easy operation with power, delay, and cleaning functions.

Thanks to the stainless steel construction, the Euhomy commercial ice maker is durable and long-lasting. The curved flip cover design makes it easier and more convenient for you to get the ice, and you don’t have to bend over like other old-syle products.

When you need to clean the ice maker, you just need to press the “timer” button for 5 seconds, and the machine will start the auto cleaning mode. The Euhomy commercial ice maker does not only give you high-quality ice cubes, but it provides high efficiency and low noise.


  • High output and capacity
  • Reliable and versatile
  • Producing crystal clear ice cubes


  • This machine cannot keep ice for a long time in the high-temperature season.

2. hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker

hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine – Makes 99 Pounds Ice in 24 hrs with 29 Pounds Storage Capacity – Ideal for Restaurants, Bars, Homes and Offices – Includes Scoop and Connection Hose

The hOmeLabs freestanding commercial ice maker is designed for restaurants, bars, offices, and households that require a large amount of ice constantly. This product can produce 143 pounds of ice daily, and it can make 66 pieces of clear ice in one cycle.

The storage capacity is 29 pounds, and the freestanding design makes it easy for you to install the machine in your pantry, home, or restaurant. Using the machine is effortless with the ON/OFF button, and you can also customize the ice thickness with the “+” or “-” button on the control panel.

One more excellent feature of this commercial ice maker is the automatic cleaning function. Moreover, the 1.3-liter water tank hooks directly to the water supply, so you do not need to worry about filling it up.


  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for commercial or large household use
  • User-friendly and space-saving


  • This product is less long-lasting than other ice makers

3. VEVOR Commercial Ice Maker

VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker Machine, 80-90LBS/24H Commercial Ice Machine Under Counter Ice Maker with 33LBS Storage for Home Bar Restaurant, Electric Drain Pump/Water Filter/ Scoops Included

Vevor commercial ice maker features a powerful compressor with strong cooling, high cooling effect, low-noise, and energy-saving. Since this product is built with stainless steel material, it has a durable construction with a sleek finish and hygienic.

This product will give you convenience and efficiency in ice making. Making one operating cycle takes about 8-15 minutes, and it can make up to 80-90lbs of ice in 24 hours. The 33-pound ice storage capacity makes this product an excellent choice for home, office, small restaurant, bar, coffee shop.

The nano blue light keeps ice clean and fresh to serve family or business purposes. The multi-functional LCD control panel with an easy-to-use touch screen lets you enjoy various functions. And the automatic cleaning function helps reduce your stress of cleaning the machine.


  • Low noise level
  • High energy efficiency
  • Advanced multi-function automatic control panel


  • Hardly any cons found

4. ROVSUN Stainless Steel Ice Maker

ROVSUN Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker Machine, Make 110lbs/24h, 24lbs Storage,Under Counter/Freestanding Automatic Ice Machine for Home Restaurant Bar Cafe

Rovsun ice maker is ETL certified with excellent quality to every product. You can feel assured about the safety and longevity of this commercial ice maker. The stainless steel and rust-resistant construction help prolong the service life of the machine.

Thanks to the user-friendly design, installing the Rovsun ice maker is a breeze. The smart panel delivers easy setup and effortless operation. Like other best commercial ice makers, the Rovsun ice maker is also equipped with the automatic cleaning function.

This product is a top pick for rapid ice making. This ice maker has a 12-18-minute cycle, and it can make about 100 pounds of ice a day. The storage bin can hold 33 pounds of ice at a time, so this product is ideal for home, restaurant, bar, hotel, grocery store, cafe, supermarket, etc.


  • Safe, efficient, and well-built
  • Easy to install and use
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use control panel


  • Poor customer service

5. COSTWAY Commercial Ice Machine

COSTWAY Commercial Ice Machine, 88LBS/24H Automatic Portable Freestanding Ice Cube Maker with Scoop, Auto-Clean Ice Machine for Supermarkets Cafes Bakeries Bars Restaurants Black

The Costway commercial ice maker cannot only be used in bakery, but it is also ideal for cafes, bakeries, and bars. You will quickly fall in love with this product since it comes with a high-power compressor and R600a refrigerant and 8.8-pound sufficient ice storage.

About the ice production rate, this product can produce up to 88 pounds of ice per day, and it can make about 32 ice cubes within 12-18 minutes. If you want an ice machine to serve your business or you want to enjoy your party, the Costway commercial ice maker is a great option.

With a clear LCD operation control panel, you are free to adjust the ice cube thickness as well as the ice making time. This product also comes with an automatic cleaning function to minimize bacterias and maintain a healthier ice-making environment.


  • Easier access to ice
  • Effortless to adjust the ice thickness and ice-making time
  • Produce crystalline square-shape ice cubes


  • The draining system is not very good

6. Costzon Commercial Ice Maker

Costzon Commercial Ice Maker Machine, 110LBS/24H Built-in Stainless Steel Ice Maker w/33LBS Storage Capacity, Free-Standing Ice Machine for Home, Restaurant, Coffee, Bar w/Ice Shovel, Hose (Silver)

With the Costzon commercial ice maker, you cannot only enjoy the great convenience of the fully automatic machine, but you can also enjoy freestanding, recessed, or built-in application of the machine.

This product makes clear, bullet-shaped ice, and it is a perfect choice for any home scenario, party, gatherings, restaurant, bars, coffee shops, etc. This ice machine produces 110 pounds of clear ice per day, and it has the bin capacity of 33 pounds with a 12 to 18-minute operating cycle.

The ice produced by this ice maker has a standard size of 0.9”*0.9”*0.9”, which is perfect for mixed drinks or small water bottle openings. This product can be a mighty addition to your bar or under-counter because it is equipped with a powerful 200W compressor to cool.


  • Versatile use
  • Easily fit under a counter or a kitchen cabinet
  • Controlling the ice making process with ease


  • This product makes noise when it is working

7. Northair Commercial Ice Maker

Northair Commercial Ice Maker, Built-In Stainless Steel Ice Machine, 100LBS/24H, Free-Standing Design for Party Gathering, Restaurant, Bar, Coffee Shop w/Ice Shovel, Hose

The Northair commercial ice maker is equipped with an efficient and powerful compressor for excellent refrigeration capability. Moreover, this product also delivers a comfortable ice-making experience since it only provides 38 dB of running sound.

Thanks to the microcrystalline foaming technology, the ice cubes can be kept at low temperatures for a long time. The adjustable feet make the product stand securely on most surfaces and keep the ice maker quiet.

This product can make about 100 pounds of ice per day, and it can produce 45 clear ice cubes in one cycle of 12-18 minutes. The multi-functional control panel allows you to customize the thickness of the ice, the timer, ice full, and clean.


  • Advanced technology and excellent quality
  • Simple operation and user-friendly design
  • Fast ice making


  • Hardly any cons found

8. Kismile Commercial Ice Maker

Kismile Commercial Ice Maker, Freestanding Square Ice Cube Maker 100lbs/24h, 48lbs Storage Bin, Full Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction, Ice Maker Machine for Home Bar

The Kismile commercial ice maker is great for large household use, restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores, and more. This product delivers intense ice-making power, and ti can make 48 clear ice in one cycle of 12 to 18 minutes.

Moreover, it can produce up to 265 pounds of ice per day, and it comes with the 47-pound ice storage capacity. The intuitive and user-friendly control panel allows you to adjust the ice-making time and the thickness of the ice cubes to your likings.

This machine is also equipped with an automatic cleaning function so that you do not need to worry much about the hassle of the cleaning process. Since this product features a low-noise design, it can also be an excellent option for home use.


  • Convenient to use
  • Built with ice size setting, timer indicator, self-cleaning mode
  • Low-maintenance and easy to clean


  • The drain hose and connector do not last long

9. SHZOND Commercial Ice Maker

SHZOND Commercial Ice Maker 110LBS/24H Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Machine Auto Clean 22LBS Storage 4×8 Cubes with Water Filter, Scoop, Connection Hose for Restaurant, Bar, Coffee Shop (110LBS/24H)

With the budget-friendly price tag, the SHZOND commercial ice maker is worth considering. About the material, this product is built with food-grade stainless steel, with a double-layer foam insulation layer. Therefore, you can trust that this product can offer a long service life, and it can also prevent ice cubes from melting after 3-5 hours after power failure.

Cleaning and sanitizing this product are effortless with the automatic cleaning function. You can also enjoy the safety during the ice-making process with the automatic protection system. The LCD control panel makes it easy for you to control the temperature precisely and set time in advance.

This product can produce 88 pounds of ice daily, and it can store 22 pounds of ice. Therefore, this ice maker is ideal for coffee shops, party gatherings, homes, restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores, and so on.


  • Effectively prevent ice cubes from melting for 3-5 hours after power failure
  • Reservation function for scheduled shutdown and startup
  • Automatically clean with one click


  • The storage bin is quite small

10. Smad Portable Commercial Ice Maker With Freezer

Smad Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Chewable Nugget Ice Chip Maker, with Ice Scoop & Basket, 26 lbs Ice per Day, Silver

Are you finding the commercial-grade ice maker with a portable design? If Yes, the Smad portable commercial ice maker is what you need. This compact commercial ice maker features the sleek stainless steel door with a black cabinet.

Moreover, it also comes with automatic overfill protection to provide more convenience. This product can produce 12 pounds of ice per day, and it can store about 6 pounds of ice. Therefore, you will no longer need to purchase bagged ice.

With the portable size, this product can easily fit under most counters, and the front-ventilation feature provides a true built-in application. This machine can also operate as a freezer so that it can keep your ice frozen for a while.


  • Designed with automatic overfill protection
  • Auto shut-off when ice bin is full
  • Time and energy-saving


  • Not an ideal capacity

How To Choose The Best Commercial Ice Makers?

Some key factors are worth considering when you want to pick up the best commercial ice maker. Let’s look through them to find the right product for your needs.

How Much Ice Do You Need?

Ice Storage Bin

After knowing how much ice you need, you also need to consider the ice storage bin. Choosing the storage bin that is too large will result in ice wastage, and choosing the storage bin that is too small will cause ice shortage when you need it the most.

You should select a bin with enough space to accommodate slightly more than the amount of ice you normally use in one day. About 10-20 percent capacity backup is typically enough to ensure that the bin is full enough.

Ventilation And Space

You should ensure that you have enough space for the ice maker, the storage bin, and the filter. For optimum ice output, sufficient airflow is essential. Therefore, it is not recommended to install an ice maker in a storage room or closet.

If you place the ice maker in a good place, you can enjoy better productivity and efficiency. On the contrary, placing the ice maker in the wrong position will result in paying more for services and labors.

Water Supply

It is necessary to have a cold water supply with a shutoff valve for your commercial ice maker. Moreover, your machine also needs and floor drain. Therefore, you should check your local standards for articular drain form and placement criteria.

Power Supply

Not all commercial ice makers run on a regular 110V electrical supply. Therefore, you should ensure that you understand and can meet the power requirements of the system. On the machine’s specification sheet, you can easily find electrical specifications and other special installation concerns.

Commercial Ice Maker’s Cleaning And Maintaining Tips

A commercial ice maker also needs proper care like other types of equipment. Here I have some tips to help you clean and maintain the commercial ice maker correctly and make sure they will work the best.

You Should Weekly

Use a soft cloth with mild detergent and warm water to wipe down the bin and the machine exterior.

Lift ice from the bin and wipe down the cover and internal walls with cleaner and sanitizer that are suggested by the manufacturers.

You Should Monthly

Perform a thorough cleaning of the commercial ice maker with the manufacturer-suggested cleaner and sanitizer at least once every 2 months.

You need a detailed guide on cleaning the commercial ice maker, let’s click the link and watch the video.

Replace The Filter

You should replace the filter on a specified schedule, like what you usually do with other home or commercial water filters. By replacing the filter, you can prevent them from being obstructed and ineffective, or slowing down your ultimate ice making process.

Although water filters are often challenging to clean, you can wash the internal condenser filters by hand. And you should read the manual carefully to know which cleaning solution can be used.


The best commercial ice maker for me is the Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker since this self-contained ice maker has a high ice production rate and high basket capacity. Moreover, it can aslo serve multiple purposes such as restaurants, bars, offices, homes, and so on.

Which is the best commercial ice maker that you choose? Do you know other best commercial ice makers? Do you want to ask or share anything? If Yes, feel free to send me a comment. If you find this post helpful, please remember to share it with your mates.